Christmas Tree Installation

We provide corporate Christmas trees for companies and businesses, nationwide across the UK.  Our services include, Christmas tree erection and installation, bespoke lights and decorations and Christmas tree dismantling and recycling.

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How much does Christmas tree installation cost?

Prices vary depending upon your requirements, and it essentially all comes down the level of effort and team members required. Larger trees typically require a larger team to transport, install, and decorate your tree. Christmas trees that are over 20ft will need machinery and potentially a steel frame to keep it place, while trees up to 12ft can be installed by two people and placed into a regular Christmas tree stand.

So prices can vary significantly, but generally start from around £500 for a 6ft tree. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote.

Do you provide a large Christmas tree installation?

Our installation services are available for trees starting from 4ft, all the way up to 40ft. So whatever your size requirements are, it’s likely we’ll be able to accommodate.

Who are your installation services for?

Our Christmas tree installation services are available to anyone who needs them. We’ve helped companies who are looking for Christmas trees for photoshoots for film or tv, event companies, Christmas trees for offices and shopping centres, councils and even the hospitality industry where we’ve provided Christmas trees for hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants.

Are your Christmas trees available out of season?

Yes, our trees are available all year round, however there will usually be an additional cost for trees that need to be cut out of season. Get in touch with us for a quote.

large christmas tree installation