7ft Real Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for a grand, traditional green tree this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a 7ft Christmas tree.

We know how important the right Christmas tree is for the best festive experience, which is why we have a range of four premium firs – each with an impressive rating – ready for you to choose from.

With our sustainable sourcing from family-owned farms, when you shop our items you’ll be assured that you’re making an ethical, eco-conscious choice.


With the promise of free UK delivery, any Christmas tree – 7ft or taller – will be delivered speedily and safely to your doorstep.


If you want a Christmas tree 7ft tall and Instagram-ready, you’ve got your pick of the bunch!


Our four main firs are:


The Nordmann – the most popular with limited shedding.


The Fraser – slim and compact.


The Norway Spruce– with a festive scent and vibe.


The Korean Fir– exotic, and sometimes sprouts cones.